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[super junior] suju rangers - dorks
can't stop love
you got me going crazy
12th-Apr-2016 06:17 pm - Red Velvet - One of These Nights Mix
[super junior] suju rangers - dorks

A slower song with lots of fade transitions. So many fade transitions. x.x Also my first attempt at doing picture-in-picture and I like how it turned out.
9th-Apr-2016 01:59 pm - f(x) - 4 Walls Mix
[super junior] suju rangers - dorks

There's a lot of really cool choreo in 4 Walls, so I really tried to do it justice. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. :D Has 10 performances.
9th-Apr-2016 01:56 pm - 2PM - My House Mix
[super junior] suju rangers - dorks

There weren't many performances of this song, but I did have the advantage of making my mix almost a year after it came out so I was able to use performances from the year-end awards shows too. Includes 8 performances, all of them sexy. ;)
9th-Apr-2016 01:50 pm - Vixx - Chained Up Mix
[super junior] suju rangers - dorks

My first attempt at some effects that I think turned out pretty well. Has 16 performances.
9th-Apr-2016 01:48 pm - Twice - Like Ooh-Ahh Mix
[super junior] suju rangers - dorks

This is by far my most popular video, though I'm not really sure why it gets so many more views than any of the others. xD I may not understand the reason for it, but I appreciate the love. <3 This mix has 15 different performances.
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