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[super junior] suju rangers - dorks
can't stop love
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Just Your Type 
1st-Aug-2010 07:04 pm
[super junior] suju rangers - dorks
Title: Just Your Type
Pairings: Eunhyuk/Mir, Eunhyuk/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Donghae/Mir, Eunhyuk/Donghae/Minho, Heechul/G.O
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,079
Warnings: Sexual content
Summary: Donghae thinks that Mir is exactly Eunhyuk's type, and he's definitely right about that. Eunhyuk forms a somewhat vague, mostly improvised Master Plan to get his attention that seems to mostly involve them stalking Mir. Subtly, of course.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It has no connection to any people or groups mentioned and is not a reflection on their actual characters or actions.
Author's Note: It took me a while to finish this, but I'm finally mostly satisfied with it. Written for this prompt at the K-Pop Kink Meme. This fic now has a sequel: Not That Easy.

Eunhyuk first sees him when he's sitting on the couch in the 12th floor dorm. He bends over the laptop in Donghae's lap and peers at the teenagers moving on the screen, analyzing the choreography and critiquing their dancing more out of habit than anything.

"These are the kids Rain produced, right?"

He feels Donghae's nod without needing to look and nods himself in contemplation. He can see it in their dance style, in the sharp execution, in the way one of them lifts his shirt to expose toned abs. The corner of his mouth twists wryly; he can definitely see Rain's influence. A sudden chuckle bursts from Donghae beside him and he hums questioningly without looking up.

"Hey, I bet I know which one's your favorite," he says in a sing-song voice and Eunhyuk knows he's teasing him, but he's not sure why. He's already ranked them by dancing ability and right now his 'favorite' is whoever's at the top of that list. He finally glances up at Donghae's face and frowns at the dancing eyes and mocking grin.

"Fine, who?" he relents, resigning himself to whatever joke is in store for him, and follows the path of Donghae's pointing finger back to the now-paused screen.

"Come on, Hyukjae, he's totally your type," his friend chortles, and Eunhyuk only feels more confused.

Type? What was he talking about? He had been looking at feet and lines, not at faces, and close-ups were only a distraction from the choreography. But he follows the finger and it's pointing to a face and for a second Eunhyuk can hear his pulse pounding loudly in his head. Yes, Donghae definitely knows his taste his men. He takes in the bright eyes, the pink lips, the exposed chest. Adorable, but still masculine, and damn he looks good in that suit. He ignores the chuckling from beside him and stares for a few seconds before the play button is pushed and the closeup disappears.

"So? Am I good or what?" Donghae asks with a grin, poking him in the side and snapping him out of his staring. He grins back and is about to ask Donghae if he's psychic when Heechul leans over the back of the couch suddenly and points at the screen.

"Ooh! I like that one!"

Eunhyuk glances down and sees that his hyung's pointing at a man with sunglasses and a mustache. Personally, he thinks the facial hair makes him look like an ahjussi, but Heechul has a type too so he keeps his opinion to himself.

Donghae's braver, or just knows that he can get away with more, and rolls his eyes with a cheeky "We know, hyung."

Eunhyuk waits for Heechul to wander off again before sliding closer to Donghae and whispering "So, what's his name?" as he tilts his head toward the screen.

The night, Eunhyuk types 'Mir' into the search box and only feels a little like a stalker as he peruses the pictures, videos, and bios. By three in the morning, he knows more about Bang Cheolyong than he had ever intended to and feels a lot like a stalker. He finally shuts the laptop and collapses on the bed beside a sleeping Donghae and feels a little pang of disappointment that they're not promoting at the same time.

He gets his chances though, because he has a radio show and MBLAQ are recently debuted artists who need exposure. If Leeteuk notices that he's a little more excited than usual, he doesn't say anything, and Eunhyuk thinks he does a good job of acting normal and nonchalant, like he isn't staring at a certain member whenever he thinks nobody's looking.

When he gets home that night, Donghae compliments him on his restraint and subtlety. Eunhyuk knows that it's sarcasm and he's being teased, but chooses to ignore this because he kind of feels like he's floating and wants to hold on to the feeling for as long as he can. He's about to mention how much cuter that smile is in real life when Heechul grabs him by the arm and pulls him away.

"You lovebirds can talk later. Hey, that G.O guy was there, right? The one with the moustache?" Eunhyuk answers the rapid-fire questions as best he can and only manages to escape after promising to give G.O Heechul's number the next time he sees him.

He sees Mir at television recordings every now and then, always with the rest of his group, and he's always perfectly polite with a formal 'hello' and a ninety-degree bow. He's perfectly polite, but Eunhyuk can see the quick grin and the mischievous eyes and thinks that he wants to see something less careful and polite, just wants to see more. He doesn't seek him out, doesn't greet him first, just makes sure to stand somewhere on the path from the door to the dressing room or the dressing room to the stage. He makes sure that they see him and know that he's seen them and that they have to stop and greet their sunbae.

He smiles and nods his head every time and after the first few greetings he feels justified in smiling a little wider and clapping a couple of them on the shoulder, patting a couple on the back. He's just a friendly sunbae, a good hyung. If his hand lingers a little longer on Mir's shoulder, presses a little harder against Mir's firm back, well, he's a just a good hyung who's interested.

He's surprised when an MBLAQ member corners him backstage after a recording of Star King, not because he's being pulled into the shadows by one of Rain’s little proteges, but because it wasn't the one he had been hoping for.

He stares at G.O's moustache-less face for a moment before he manages a somewhat-nervous, somewhat-annoyed "What?" He feels like rolling his eyes when the kid starts talking, but holds it back because, he reminds himself, he is a good hyung.

"Could you, er- Could you talk to Heechul-hyung for me? He won't talk to me, and I already apologized about Strong Heart and the whole, umm… You know, the misunderstanding and the avoiding him, and- And if this is about the moustache, I can grow it back, you know. It grows pretty fast. And, yeah… So…"

G.O is always smooth and in control when the cameras are on, he's got a great sense of timing and witty remarks seem to come naturally, but this nervous stammering is just sad. He finally takes pity on the kid, because this is just painful to watch, says he'll talk to Heechul and feels like he should be getting some kind of compensation for playing matchmaker.

The idea of asking G.O to talk to Mir in return, or at least to give him his phone number flashes through his mind briefly, but he remembers just in time that he's not desperate and he's subtle damn it, not like Heechul.

He tells Donghae about it later and is annoyed when he just laughs and says, "Yeah, Hyukjae, you're the master of subtlety."

Five minutes later, Donghae's hands are hot on his hips and his tongue is wet on the side of his neck and he's not really annoyed anymore, but a part of his brain is busy imagining how Mir would kiss him and how long it would take him to learn all the spots that Donghae already has memorized. Eunhyuk thinks he looks like a pretty quick learner. An hour later, lying on dirty sheets with Donghae's arm across his chest and hair tickling his nose, he comes down from the high of his orgasm and is both very not annoyed and busy planning his next move.

His planning is made much easier by the fact that he's compared schedules and their groups will finally be promoting at the same time. It's easy to tag along with Heechul and Donghae to go visit MBLAQ's dressing room. They look surprised and a little flattered to be visited by Super Junior and Heechul eagerly soaks up the attention and the bows and G.O's repeated apologies, the look in his eye saying that he'll have to apologize a hundred more times if he wants back in his good graces even as he waves him off with a sharp smile. Eunhyuk has other things on his mind than Heechul's drama though, like the way Donghae slings a casual arm around Mir's shoulder and the teasing look in his eyes as he grins at him.

Eunhyuk knows him well enough that he doesn't need words to understand what he's saying, hears 'Well? Whose smile is cuter? Whose laugh is more beautiful? Who do you want more right now?' as clearly as if it was being whispered in his ear.

He knows what Donghae's asking and he gives him a gummy smile and shrugs his left shoulder in a just-as-clear 'I really don't know,' because he’s been comparing smiles and eyes and a million other things since they got here and he honestly has no idea.

Heechul shoots Donghae a strange look when he bursts out laughing suddenly and glances between them suspiciously, experienced enough to recognize one of their silent conversations even if the rest of the room is oblivious. His heart thumps too loud in his head when Mir hugs him goodbye with that sweetly teasing smile that turns into a surprised gasp when Donghae slaps his butt on his way out the door. They all laugh like it's a joke, and even though Eunhyuk knows better he takes the opportunity to give that same ass a quick squeeze before he leaves too, catching sight of a slowly-spreading blush on Mir's cheeks as he turns to go.

Heechul still looks suspicious as he walks back to the waiting room with them and when he opens his mouth to ask something Eunhyuk's sure he doesn’t want him to ask, he interrupts with a timely, "So, are you on speaking terms with G.O now? I don't think he's growing that moustache back anytime soon, no matter what he says," and successfully distracts him.

The three of them gather in the shadows to watch MBLAQ's rehearsal later, Donghae's head on his shoulder and Heechul constantly bemoaning the loss of the moustache, and he's watched the music video enough times that he doesn't get distracted trying to analyze the choreography and can focus on Mir. His dancing and rapping has improved since their first album, and he thinks that he likes the new hairstyle too, wants to know what it feels like to run his hands through that silky hair. He settles for slipping his fingers through Donghae's absently and trying very hard to tune Heechul out.

The next couple of music shows pass much the same, except he waits for MBLAQ to stop by Super Junior's dressing room and greet him instead of the other way around. He doesn't want to seem desperate or anything and he's fairly confident that he's made enough of an impression on the younger rapper by now that he shouldn't have to seek him out.

Still, he feels a swell of satisfaction in his chest when he spots Mir's head peeking around the edge of the doorframe and hears him asking the nearest person for 'Eunhyuk-hyung.' He wasn't expecting him to bring him anything, and it’s only potato chips and bottled water, but he feels kind of touched anyway.

"What, nothing for me?" Donghae asks from the seat beside him, crooked smile and teasing tone making it clear that he's joking, but Mir looks flustered while Donghae glances over at him and looks very pleased with himself. Eunhyuk's pretty pleased with him too and wonders if there's a way to grope Donghae appreciatively with Mir standing right in front of them. He soon discovers that there's no need to as Mir gestures to some sort of package in his hand and asks where Heechul is.

"From Byunghee-hyung," he explains, looking even more embarrassed as Eunhyuk points him in the right direction, hand slipping behind him to reach into the back pocket of Donghae's jeans as soon as the younger man turns to go.

Inviting MBLAQ over to watch a World Cup match is actually Minho's idea, though a bit indirectly. He stares at the tall rapper for a few seconds after the excited teenager proposes a SHINee-Super Junior soccer watching session while Donghae hangs off Minho's shoulders and chuckles in his ear, clearly already knowing where his mind is going.

"That's perfect, Minho-yah!" he bursts out finally and watches the kid's face lights up in a huge grin, "We'll invite MBLAQ to watch the World Cup with us!" Minho's face falls immediately as Donghae wraps arms around his waist and laughs into the crook of his neck.

"Hyung," he tries again with a pout and Eunhyuk recognizes the 'cute' voice he puts on for his hyungs when he wants his way, "Do most of Super Junior even know anyone from MBLAQ? Wouldn't it be better to watch with someone from the same company?"

"Oh, that's a good idea, Minho-yah!" Donghae exclaims as he spins the teenager around to face him and pats his shoulders excitedly, "We can pitch it to Leeteuk as some kind of inter-company, getting to know each other thing! He'll definitely go for it, don't you think, Hyukjae?"

Minho looks absolutely crestfallen now and Eunhyuk can't help chuckling at his dismay before taking pity on him. He wraps arms around his waist from behind, sandwiching him between him and Donghae, and leans up to whisper in his ear in his best imitation of Yesung's husky sex voice.

"Don't feel too bad, Minho-yah, I'm sure we can make it up to you. Right, Donghae?"

They lock eyes over Minho's shoulder and Donghae winks at him and grins, hands reaching past his to grope Minho's ass and not-so-subtly brush against Eunhyuk's groin in the process.

"Hmm… I'm sure we can think of something that would cheer you up," his friend says cheerfully with the seemingly innocent smile that Eunhyuk has learned always precedes really good sex.

About four hours later, they show up to pitch their idea to Leeteuk and Eunhyuk belatedly realizes that they probably should have cleaned up better before coming back to the dorms because their leader is looking between the hickey on Eunhyuk's exposed collarbone and the missing buttons on Donghae's rumpled shirt and looks a little suspicious. Luckily, he's in a good enough mood that he lets them off with a quick lecture on being careful of their appearance in public and is also thrilled by the idea of a party with MBLAQ.

MBLAQ agrees and manages to fit it into their schedule, and Eunhyuk has never been so excited for a soccer game before, World Cup or not. It takes much too long for the day to come and Donghae and he share a grin when they finally hear the doorbell announcing their dongsaengs' arrival. Heechul beats everyone else to the door, grabbing G.O by the arm as soon as it opens.

"I've decided to forgive you. Come meet my cats," he announces as he drags the younger man down the hallway.

Leeteuk seems to spend a moment contemplating whether to attempt a rescue, but G.O looks perfectly willing, if a little shellshocked, so he proceeds with a series of very smiley introductions. Eunhyuk waits impatiently for MBLAQ to conclude their much-shorter introductions; there’s only four of them now that they've lost a member to Heechul.

Formalities finally out of the way, he beckons Mir over with a wave of his hand and he bounces over excitedly, lets Eunhyuk ruffle his hair with a gummy grin and pull him over to the couch where he happily plops down next to him. Now there are only three left standing awkwardly in a loose cluster of Super Junior members, but Eunhyuk leaves them for Leeteuk to sort out. Mir is seated beside him with their thighs pressed together, chattering with a grin on his face nearly as broad as Donghae's, and Eunhyuk has completed his objective.

Some of the awkwardness eases when the game finally starts and Heechul emerges from his room, G.O following like a puppy. Donghae is squeezed next to him on the left and jumps up to yell and whoop periodically, usually joined by Mir on his right, who isn't quite as into the game as Donghae (really, nobody is), but is almost as enthusiastic.

Heechul somehow manages to end up lounging in G.O's lap in the armchair and completely ignoring Leeteuk as he hisses at him to 'get off our guest right now.' Eunhyuk takes the opportunity of Leeteuk's distraction to stretch his arms along the back of the couch and end up with arms around the shoulders of both Mir and Donghae.

Donghae is too excited to notice, almost hitting him in the face as he flails excitedly when Korea almost scores. Mir is more than enough to make up for it though, grinning up at him and snuggling closer. His eyes shine as he shouts loudly when they finally score a goal, jumping up and immediately getting grabbed by Donghae for a celebratory bear-hug/shouting contest. He's back in his seat as soon as he's released though, pressing close enough that Eunhyuk can feel his heart beating and grabbing at his shirt.

"Did you see that, hyung? Wasn't it great?" he says too loudly in Eunhyuk's ear.

"Yeah, it was," he replies, and he's not sure if he’s talking about the goal or something else.

The game flies by and he vaguely registers that they've won, though most of his brain is concentrated on watching Mir smiling at him. At least, he thinks they've won. Donghae jumping around the room with Leeteuk and Joon, Yesung's impromptu victory song, and Siwon's muttered prayer of thanks certainly seem to indicate that they won, even though he can't seem to remember the final goal or any of the plays leading up to it.

Then again, maybe he does remember the final goal. He remembers Mir licking his lips before cheering loudly and he remembers him throwing his arms up, because he clearly remembers watching the hem of his shirt ride up and staring at the strip of smooth skin. Replaying it in his head for the fifth time, he decides that, yes, that was probably the goal that won them the game.

Soccer games really are too short, he decides as Mir waves goodbye at him and Donghae from across the crowded room. Next time they'd have to invite MBLAQ for a baseball-watching party.

He doesn’t see him for a few days after the game and it's not until one of Super Junior's wins that something actually happens. It's a move that isn't listed in the Master Plan written neatly on notebook paper and hidden safely in the pages of one of the porn magazines under his mattress, but Eunhyuk is nothing if not opportunistic and knows better than to let the perfect chance pass him by.

The confetti is falling down and their song is playing and he's bowing back at everyone passing by. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Heechul with an arm around a slightly awkward-looking G.O's shoulders as he drags him away from his group to join them for the encore again. No subtlety, Eunhyuk thinks, but then he sees Mir passing by in his ridiculous costume and an image of him without that costume on, without anything on flashes though his mind.

The adrenaline is running through his veins like blood and he can hear his heartbeat in his ears, pulsing to the beat of Bonamana, so he reaches out and grabs his arm as he comes up from a bow. MBLAQ's leader looks a little worried as he pulls him toward the rest of Super Junior, but Mir is laughing and his eyes are shining, and the rest of his group disappears offstage.

They hang in the back of the crowd, almost lost to the view of fans and cameras alike, and Mir twines his arms around his neck and steps a little closer for a hug.

"Congratulations, hyung," he says in his ear and Eunhyuk wraps his arms around his waist and decides that he really doesn't care if he's the master of subtlety or not, to hell with all this beating around the bush.

"Thanks," he whispers breathily in Mir's ear as he slides a knee between the younger man’s thighs and hears a quiet gasp.

He angles them carefully so they're hidden by shadows and Yesung and he thinks he can feel Leeteuk's disapproving glare between his shoulder blades, but he'll listen to the lecture when they're offstage, so he pushes upwards with his thigh and rubs.

Mir's hands spasm before they grip onto his shoulders like they're a lifeline and his own hands settle on the firm curves of his ass. He squeezes gently and is rewarded with a quickly hushed whimper that becomes even more strangled when he rubs his thigh between his legs again. Mir looks upwards and their eyes meet and Eunhyuk can see all the confusion and questions behind them, but he also sees hazy lust, so he just smirks at him and squeezes a little harder.

A spark of excitement runs down his spine at how innocent he looks, how unprepared he is for this. Really, he should feel a little bad for corrupting the youth of his industry and all, but he looks at the red gasping lips and feels the warm trembling body and decides that he really doesn't care and maybe he wants to corrupt him a little. Those bright eyes are darting around the stage now and he knows that he's trying to make sure nobody's looking at them, worried that someone might see even as he licks his lips and swallows down a moan.

Eunhyuk feels him growing hard against his thigh and feels his own pants tightening; he's getting turned on quicker than he thought he would. He wonders for a moment how he's going to explain his sudden hard-on to Leeteuk before he looks to the side and catches Donghae's eye. Donghae's giving him a knowing grin and Eunhyuk catches sight of the slight bulge in his friend's pants that he might have missed unless he knew to look for it, and feels himself get a little harder at the sight. Donghae turns away from the camera and winks before sliding in beside Yesung, further blocking them from sight.

He rubs his thigh against Mir's erection again, a little harder this time, and his left hand gropes at his ass while his right trails up a smooth neck to run through brown hair, and this time Mir can't hold back his low moan, can't resist thrusting his hips forward for more friction.

"Careful, Cheolyong-ah," he whispers into his ear as the fingers on his shoulders dig in tighter, "You don't want someone to see."

He rolls his hips forward slowly on the last word, making sure the other rapper can feel his own erection through his pants, and watches as Mir bites his lip to hold back another moan. The dance break has come and gone and Eunhyuk vaguely recognizes that the encore is about to end. So, he's not surprised, though he is fairly disappointed, when Donghae grabs the wrist of the hand tangled in Mir's hair and pulls him away, though not before licking his lips with another wink and eyeing the bulge in the younger man’s pants.

Eunhyuk glances back and sees Mir right where he left him and smirks a little at the dazed expression on his face and the red flush of his cheeks. He turns and continues offstage, leaves him for G.O to take care of, and shares a wide grin with Donghae who immediately steers him toward the bathroom to take care of their own erections.

"So," the other man asks slyly as he pushes Eunhyuk into an empty stall, "Think you can convince him to agree to a threesome?"

Mir's moans are still echoing in his head and he remembers too-clearly the dark glow of his eyes and the desperate shifting of his hips. He laughs as Donghae's hand slips into his pants and wraps around him.

"Yeah, I think I can manage that."
2nd-Aug-2010 01:05 am (UTC)
Omo. You have to continue this. You have to.

5th-Aug-2010 12:13 am (UTC)
Yeah, I did kind of set myself up for a sequel there. No worries, I'm working on one. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!
5th-Aug-2010 12:35 pm (UTC)
Yay, I will love you forver more!!!!
(Deleted comment)
5th-Aug-2010 12:14 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading! I'm not sure how long it'll take me to finish, but I am working on a sequel to this. :)
(Deleted comment)
5th-Aug-2010 12:17 am (UTC)
Thanks for the comment. <3
And a sequel is definitely in the works. ^.^
2nd-Aug-2010 11:26 am (UTC)

i wanna see the eunhaemir threesome!!!!!


and OMG eunhae are such horny pervert in this!! *dies*
5th-Aug-2010 12:22 am (UTC)
Thanks for commenting! ^.^
I'm working on a sequel right now, so there's more on the way! :)
2nd-Aug-2010 05:53 pm (UTC)
Saw this in the meme and this fic is just amazing and I have nothing else to say about it except ♥
5th-Aug-2010 12:23 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for your comment. <3
2nd-Aug-2010 06:45 pm (UTC)
You should totally write a sequel to this!!! ^^
5th-Aug-2010 12:25 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading and commenting!
I'm currently working on a sequel, so there's one on the way. :)
5th-Aug-2010 12:42 am (UTC)
22nd-Aug-2010 08:29 pm (UTC)
I love this so much!!! >///////<
OMG an awesome OT3 you wrote there! I'm looking so forward to the sequel. ^^

And I like the G.O/Heechul couple in here. x3
25th-Aug-2010 12:18 am (UTC)
Thanks for commenting!
I'm glad you liked it so much!

Yeah, I couldn't help sneaking them in there. XD
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